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Gears of Capitalism

Converting Debt into Capital

All money is borrowed into existence. There is no way for individuals to create new money themselves. Everyone must compete for a share of the existing money supply. Everyone must rely on a chosen few who have been given an exclusive right to create, control, and own, the nation's currency and credit supply. Every dollar in existence is being rented by someone, somewhere in the economy, from the money creators. ...more

One Big Corporation

Imagine that corporate mergers and acquisitions continued to their ultimate conclusion. One big corporation now owns everything. One big company now produces everything on earth. Now ask yourself... what would their production costs be?

Raw materials taken directly from nature are free. We don't pay the earth anything for the fish we catch, or the trees we cut, or the oil we extract. Of course there are removal and processing costs, but at the source our cost is zero (except perhaps for taxes). ...more

Summary Page
  Time is running out quickly on planet Earth. Our fragile egg is cracking. The labyrinth of lies and illusions that we believed in has ruptured and a lava of fear and greed is consuming us. The storm clouds of WW III are gathering fast as we continue to devour our resources. The entire foundation of our economy and our value system is fatally flawed. It cannot be fixed. We must start all over again. ...more    
Tip of the Iceberg
  Recently, it has been recognized that interest charges may be a serious impediment to a safe and stable economy. Smooth sailing is impossible to maintain in an economy that demands perpetual interest payments from the working class. But before we can fix the instability of our economic system, we must delve deeper and understand that interest is merely the Tip of the Iceberg! ...more  
  Wealth & Debt   The architects of our financial system invented the double-entry accounting system to ensure the perpetual need for debt. Making debt essential was the cage to ensnare humanity. Interest was the key that locked the cage door. Justifying interest would ensure that the issuers of debt could perpetually collect a private tax on the total value of all of the assets on earth. ...more A Better Way   Most people probably don't want to believe that it's impossible to fix Capitalism. It's too unsettling to accept that the very cornerstone of our society is cracked. It is much easier to believe that just a few bad eggs, occasionally get a little too greedy, and spoil it for the rest of us. The truth is that there is simply no such thing as "a little bit of profit" in Capitalism. ... more  
  Compound Profits   The effect that compound profits have on prices is identical to the effect that compound interest charges have on borrowing costs. Compound profits, however, are much more harmful to consumers. Compound interest charges take years to inflate consumer costs, compound profits inflate costs immediately. ...more Living A Better Way   Imagine that you woke up one morning and the struggle was over. The laws were changed and you could finally start living a Better Way. Your right to an income is now guaranteed for life. All income taxes have been abolished. Profit and interest are now illegal. If you choose not to work, the national endowment fund will provide a basic income for you. If you can't find work, you can easily start your own business. ...more  
  The Boom Bust Cycle  

As interest and profits consume more and more of
wages & salaries, consumers become maxed-out and
the economy weakens. Once the total burden of interest & profits reaches about two-thirds of wages, consumer debt exhaustion occurs and a recession begins. This
marks the start of the Bust cycle. ...more

A Good First Step   According to the World Federation of Exchanges, at the end of 2007, the total value of all shares listed on all global stock exchanges was $64.47 Trillion US. By the end of 2008, that same global share value had dropped to just $33.73 Trillion. In one year, $30.74 Trillion of paper wealth vanished into thin air. $30.7 Trillion is more than 5 times Canada's 2008 total net worth ($6.07 Trillion). So in just 1 year, the value of 5 Canadas simply disappeared. ...more  
  Life For Rent   Life For Rent - We are born, in this world, into a game that's already started. We arrive late... really late, for the game is nearly completed. As in Monopoly, all of the properties are owned and everywhere we land, rents must be paid. We have no choice... these are the rules of the game. The game is not an option. There is no other way to survive. The land and the resources necessary for alternatives are gone ...more     Take Action   People are suffering in ways we can't even imagine. Their lives have been mauled by monopoly capitalism and a predatory monetary system that takes the "law of the jungle" to a horrific new low. Animals won't attack each other unless their survival is at stake. Humans, however, are willing to destroy each other merely to sustain their vanity and to prove that they are ruthless financial warriors. ...more  
  Law of Supply and Demand   The "law" of supply and demand is a theory used to explain the inherent instability of prices. It is just a theory, not a natural law. It may, in fact, not even
be true. You were taught to believe it is true because
it is an essential part of the justification for profit...
which is the holy grail of capitalism. ...more
    Menace of Inflation   If you take a close look at inflation you will see that all price increases only end up in one of two places, either wages or profits. All price increases in intermediate costs like raw materials, components & supplies, fuel & energy, buildings & equipment, interest, rent, etc. are simply cost transfers from one business to another. ...more  
  Article Index   Monetary Reform is pleased to share the articles, books and magazines that led to the creation of this web site. All of the resources on this page were written almost twenty years ago, but they are just as relevant today as they were back then. You can download the pdf files for HOPE Magazine and a free copy of my book entitled "Take Back Your Life." ...more Monetary Reform Cinema   In the Monetary Reform Cinema, you will find links to some of the most important films ever produced about money, the economy and the environment. It may take you months to watch all of them, but the information they provide will help you make sense of the world around you. ...more  
Take Power   You are a human being. Your birth gave you a natural right to be alive. As long as you cause no harm to others, no one has any higher right to control or exploit you. But our current political and economic systems deny you these rights....more   How To Fix Life   The primary nature of the economy must be changed from a competitive, high-growth, profit-driven model, to a cooperative, sustainable, equitable one. We need to build a society where all people matter equally ...more   Public Credit   All wealth is created by bringing human and natural resources together. If the necessary resources are available, and there is a demand for new wealth to be created, a lack of money should never be allowed to stand in the way. ...more