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The history of the human race is disgraceful. It is a story of violence, power and greed. Since the earliest days of paradise, self-interest has reigned supreme. The gift of life, on this miraculous planet Earth, was not enough to satisfy the desires of the ambitious. They wanted more. So life became a battleground.

It doesn't really matter what period of history you look into, the hostility towards one another is always there. In the earliest times, food scarcity may have caused some legitimate concerns about survival. But hunting for weaker tribes, instead of more abundant wildlife, was certainly not a necessity. But if you were good at it, robbing others was easier than earning an honest living, and it was kind of fun. So we strived to become good warriors and developed our combat skills. And as the human blood soaked into the ground, so too did our morality and respect for each other and the natural world around us.

The establishment of territories, states and countries was always determined through battle. The victors won the right to claim the property and wealth of the defeated. This was legitimized through the "rule of law". Anyone who challenged the established arrangements was labelled a rebel and treated as a criminal, unless they successfully overthrew the existing establishment. Upon their success, a miraculous purging of guilt occurred and a new legitimacy was bestowed upon them. Suddenly the criminals became respectable.

The seeds of our economic development were contaminated and corrupt right from the very start. The gifts of land titles and resource rights that created a noble class were simply a theft of the earth's common wealth. The invention of money was the greatest trick of all. Robbing people by force was risky. You might get hurt or lose the battle. And with the barter system, you had to offer something of real value to trade. But with money, people would willingly surrender their time and valuable assets for worthless pieces of printed-paper which cost almost nothing to make. Our faith in money became a world religion and those who were given the right to create the money supply inherited the power of God.

Our capacity for war has grown exponentially over the centuries. We now have the power to destroy the entire planet in just a few hours. Our economic weapons of destruction are almost as deadly as our bombs. We have plundered our natural resources and decimated the species that inhabited them. We have poisoned our air, water and soils and the chemistry of our own bodies. The largest corporations and strongest governments in the world have now merged into one global tribe. And still they respect nothing except power and profit. The end of the race is in sight.

Is it possible to turn things around? Is it possible to set aside all that we have been taught about the "reality" of life and to seek a more enjoyable path, a higher purpose, and a common brotherhood? Of course it is. The average citizens of this world have cowered as dependents long enough. We are the true source of all wealth on this planet. We are the productive force. We have been fooled by a money system that robs us of our rightful share of our own productivity. We blindly respect an economic system that expropriates the capital that we produce and then uses it against us.

The one lesson that history makes abundantly clear is this. The conquerors who plundered the Earth were criminals. They do not deserve our respect. We should be ashamed of their deeds and ideologies. We must redefine the qualities of the heroes that we admire and re-evaluate the motivations and opinions of the experts that we respect. We must rediscover the natural innocence and playfulness of our childhood, the way we lived before the world taught us to be frightened and suspicious of each other. We must learn to follow the joy and love in our hearts, not the desperate desire for superiority that society has inflicted upon us.

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