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Capitalism Hits The Fan
Richard Wolff's short, powerful, explanation of the relationship between profit and debt.

Oh Canada Movie
This is by far the best introductory movie I've ever seen promoting the need for monetary reform, and best of all its aimed at the young, by the young. It's informative, funny and incredible. It is available on YouTube, in 15 parts.

The Owners of This Country
George Carlin's take on the people who control our monetary system.

The Great Dictator
Charlie Chaplin nails the truth in this speech from his 1940 movie.

The Burden of Interest
Margrit Kennedy estimates the true cost of interest.

Credit As a Public Utility
Richard Cook suggests solutions to our monetary problems.
All of the 6 parts are available on YouTube.

Money As Debt
The first video in Paul Grignon's excellent trilogy on money and debt.

Money As Debt II - Promises Unleashed
The second video in Paul Grignon's excellent trilogy on money and debt.

Money As Debt III - The Rothschild Mafia
The final video in Paul Grignon's excellent trilogy on money and debt.

The Money Fix
Alan Rosenblith's thought-provoking film about the needless scarcity
of money and the benefits of alternative mutual credit systems.

The Money Masters I
Bill Still's comprehensive look into money and debt

The Money Masters II
Part two of this great series.

The Secret of Oz
Bill Still's recently updated, award-winning film on money and debt.

Freedom To Fascism
Aaron Russo's amazing video series on the New World Order.

Reflections And Warnings - An Interview With Aaron Russo
Alex Jones and Aaron Russo discuss the New World Order and the 'deception of democracy' that is obscuring our vision of the truth.

Super Rich, The Greed Game
A truly astonishing look, by the BBC, at the level of greed in our society.

The Corporation
Mark Achbar, Jennifer Abbott & Joel Bakan's award-winning film explores the nature and spectacular rise of the dominant institution of our time.

The New Rulers Of The World
John Pilger explores the impact of globalisation in Indonesia, a country that the World Bank described as a 'model pupil' until its 'globalised' economy collapsed

Monopoly Men
A great documentary (from 1999) that explains the Federal Reserve Fraud.

Does Capitalism Work?
The myth that capitalism works conveniently ignores reality. In this video, Michael Parenti debunks this popular myth (beginning at timecode 1:21).

The Calling
Max Igan's excellent video series on the New World Order.

Fall Of The Republic
Alex Jones' powerful warning about the coming New World Order.

One Nation Under Siege
A disturbing film by William Lewis that clearly reveals how far the architects
of the New World Order have already progressed.

The Century Of The Self
A fascinating film by Adam Curtis that tells the untold and controversial story of the growth of the mass-consumer society. Warning: it is 4 hours long.

Four Horsemen Documentary
A broad and penetrating summary of how civilization and capitalism got messed up. The film explains the financial, political and psychological aspects of our problems, and warns that the apocalypse has already begun.

Blind Spot
The finest movie that I've ever seen about the extinction level threats we now face from overpopulation, resource depletion and environmental exhaustion.

An awe-inspiring journey into the science of nature and the delicate environmental balance that sustains life on this beautiful blue planet.

Food Inc.
An information powerhouse about the health and nutritional risks of letting corporations produce the food we eat. The film also explores how corporations dominate and control the government agencies that were setup to protect us.