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We are born, in this world, into a game that's already started. We arrive late… really late, for the game is nearly completed. As in Monopoly, all of the properties are owned and everywhere we land, rents must be paid.

We have no choice… these are the rules of the game. The game is not an option. There is no other way to survive. The land and the resources necessary for alternatives are gone and laws prevent us from hunting, fishing and cultivating independent societies. To survive we need money and money is the key to winning the game.

All talk of freedom is absurd. We are only “free” to get into their game. The rules are set, quitting is illegal, so get started “earning a living”. We have no inherent human right to be alive. We must earn our right to exist by submitting to the authority of those who are winning the game. We are unable to explore and develop our interests and talents in the order of importance that we define for ourselves. We can not use this gift of life, our time on Earth, in accordance with our own inner directives. We must rent our lives out in the marketplace, like a spare room that we'd love to use ourselves but that we simply can't afford to occupy. We must take what work we can get and hope that some day we will have saved enough to finally use the room for ourselves.

This is the depressing truth about life on this planet. There is no use in trying to pretend it's not really this bad. An ostrich with his head in the sand leaves his butt in the air ready to be kicked. There is no use in trying to tinker around the edges of the problem either. Wasting time and energy trying to fix symptoms of a problem while ignoring its cause is ridiculous. Unemployment, poverty, crime and pollution are just symptoms or effects of a much deeper illness. The real problem that we must understand and overcome is the debt/money system that the inventors of the game have been using for over 300 years to motivate, entertain and enslave us. Money is the carrot that lures us into the cage… and the stick that prevents us from leaving.

Yes the game is almost over. Global corporations now own or control most of the Earth's resources. Democratically elected governments everywhere are deforming into secretive Orwellian elites, serving international masters, using intrusive police-state techniques to monitor and control their citizens. Genetic engineering and patents on food and plant life, and soon even human DNA, means that every square on the board of Life will be owned and operated for profit. A cartel of privately owned companies will own the rights to everything on Earth and the rest of humanity will do all the work for them or perish. Governments will exist primarily to enforce their rights. The game of Monetary Monopoly will then be complete.

But it doesn't have to end like this. A simple shift in thinking could lead us into a world of new possibilities. Money doesn't have to be scarce. A shortage of money doesn't have to limit what we can achieve on Earth. Our money system is not a law of nature, it's a device of man, and it can easily be modified to better suit our needs. All that is lacking is the public focus and demand for change.

The idea that money is scarce is not an accident. It is the very foundation of the deception that is used to control the board of life and to cheat all working people out of a large portion of their income and productivity. When all money is created as interest-bearing debt, lenders can exploit all personal and business endeavours and impose a private tax on human labour and initiative. They can also grow tremendously rich, and powerful enough to control corporations, the government, the education system, the media and, of course, public opinion.

So how do we free ourselves from the grip of the money lenders? It's a lot easier than you might think.

First you take a good look around you, to see who is most likely to be on your side of the issues. Clearly the existing political parties depend on those who are winning the financial game for information, contributions and support. They are not going to support any radical change. Forget about them.

Neither are the unions. Forget about them too. Why, because the unions are more worried about protecting the pensions and retirement benefits of their workers than anything else, and their pension funds depend on interest revenues just as much as any other lender does. In fact, the top executives inside the unions spend most of their day doing exactly the same things as the financial managers of the corporations. In both groups, the decision makers are totally focused on maximizing the return on their investments and their judgments are constricted by their objectives. The division between the left and right side of the political spectrum disappears in the uppermost levels of management. Like a turkey wishbone, the left and right arms merge at the very top.

So who is left… the working people, the vast majority of whom already know that they are getting screwed by the current financial system but don't know what to do about it. Talk to them while you're pumping gas at $2.00 a litre. Talk to students who are graduating from college and university with a $100,000 mortgage on their life and they haven't even started buying assets yet. Ask them how their retirement plans are shaping up.

Next, dare to educate yourself a bit, independently. Forget the mainstream news and opinion shows. They are purposely set up to mislead you away from the most important issues, and exhaust you with irrelevant political and economic trivia and bickering. Instead, start asking yourself some pretty simple questions like:

What is truly valuable in life? What makes a country valuable?
Where does the money that banks loan out really come from?
What is our money really based on?
Do governments really have no other choice than to borrow money from private lenders and pay interest costs, or could they issue money themselves and simply spend it into circulation?

Think about these questions deeply for they are the key to economic freedom and true democracy. Be curious and use the internet to explore ideas and opinions that you will never see expressed on TV or anywhere in the mainstream media. A few of them are presented here in the Better Way section. Trust your own common sense and gut feelings about what is right and wrong, possible and impossible. Allow yourself to think outside the box and imagine new possibilities. Remember our financial system is a human flaw, not a natural law.

Resist The New World Order

The design and implementation of the financial structures needed to manage the new world order are being erected quickly. The IMF and the World Bank have introduced a new type of financing called Special Drawing Rights. SDRs centralize the international control of finance within an unelected body and are a precursor to a new world currency. The disastrous effects of the Euro should be a warning bell to governments around the world. The list of participating Euro-zone countries who are now desperately near bankruptcy is staggering.

The most sacred and precious power of any national government lies in its power to create and issue its own interest-free currency. As William Lyon Mackenzie King warned: "Once a nation parts with the control of its currency and credit, it matters not who makes the nations laws. Usury, once in control, will wreck any nation. Until the control of the issue of currency and credit is restored to government and recognized as its most sacred responsibility, all talk of the sovereignty of parliament and of democracy is idle and futile. "

Without the right to issue its own currency and credit, a nation becomes merely a colony of a parent country. Those who advocate for the surrender of a nation's financial sovereignty are simply traitors and should be hung for treason. This, however, is exactly what the general public is currently being programmed to accept as being reasonable. Don't be fooled. Whether it's called the Euro, the Amero or SDRs, it is a dangerous trojan horse concealing financial warriors that seek to capture and control our country, steal our most precious resources, and enslave our people with usury.