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Time is running out quickly on planet Earth. Our fragile egg is cracking. The labyrinth of lies and illusions that we believed in has ruptured and a lava of fear and greed is consuming us. The storm clouds of WW III are gathering fast as we continue to devour our resources. The entire foundation of our economy and our value system is fatally flawed. It cannot be fixed. We must start all over again. Below is a short summary of the principles that should guide us.

1) We all have an equal and natural right to be here, to be alive. As long as we harm no one else, we have a natural right to live freely. No one has the right to control or exploit another person (unless that person is deliberately harming others).

2) We all have an equal and natural right to develop our talent and potential, and to explore our creativity and interests, in the order of importance that we define for ourselves. Education and self development of the individual enhances the total collective value of society.

3) We all have an equal and natural right to share in the bounty of the Earth's resources. This includes a free and natural right to a share of the land. The natural resources of the Earth are a sacred, inherited treasure that belong to all living things equally. Mankind has an obligation to respect and preserve this priceless common heritage for future generations. No private interests should ever be allowed to own, control or take profit from the Earth's natural resources.

4) The two most valuable assets on Earth are our human and natural resources. Every other physical asset on Earth is really just a combination of these two primary assets. All of our buildings, machinery, equipment and infrastructure were created initially by bringing human and natural resources together. If we squander either of these two primary assets, society becomes poorer. If a portion of our population remains under-educated or unemployed, society becomes poorer. If we waste natural resources on war, or planned obsolescence, or excessive consumption, society reduces its wealth.

5) Money must reflect true value. True value is not subjective. True value can be easily calculated when based on primary asset inputs only. Human resource inputs can be easily measured in hours. Natural resource inputs can be easily measured in annual depletion rates. Profit, interest and all subjective or speculative values must be made illegal and removed from prices.

6) Money must be freely available to everyone equally. Money must not be based on debt or exploitation. Money must be nothing more than a receipt for work already performed. Money must be created automatically, by the People themselves, each time they perform productive work. Money must be destroyed automatically when it is used for final consumption. Money must not recirculate.

7) All human beings have value beyond merely their capacity to perform work. All human beings have an innate value based on their ability to love, share and help one another. This innate value must be recognized and included in the evaluation of a nation's assets and liabilities. This innate value must also be monetized and added to the lifetime purchasing power of each and every individual.

8) Government control over the People must be constrained by the collective will of the People. In a true democracy, every citizen's vote must count. A voluntary system of financial voting must be introduced to replace mandatory taxation and restrain government power. Each year citizens vote for the programs and services that they are personally willing to pay for. Only if enough people vote for a proposed program or service to adequately fund it would the government acquire a mandate to carry it out. Our current political party system would no longer be needed as the People themselves would decide and direct all government activities. Private money and corporate lobbyists could no longer influence elections or the agenda of the government. With profit and interest abolished, government operations would be no different from any other business.

The changes above are radical, but nothing less can save us. The ruling elite are insane with power and greed, and seem to be hellbent on destroying the Earth. Almost everything that we have been taught to believe in is a lie. Democracy, freedom, justice, capitalism, economics... all are just illusions used to conceal the true nature of the evil that has been used against us. But we are the People and together we are the Power. Without our compliance the elite have nothing.

We really only have two choices. Give up and admit that democracy is a lie, accept our slavery and stop complaining about it. OR... for the first time in history, stand together and defend ourselves. The elite don't give a damn about what we want, so we must rely solely on each other to implement a true democracy. We need our own party and a majority government to implement the changes, but we don't need the elite's permission or their money. We are the People, and with the power of the internet we can organize and accomplish anything we desire.

There is still time to defend ourselves and save our precious planet, but we better get started NOW. Spread the word!

The Financial Party of Canada has now emerged to carry these ideas forward. Please visit their web site and get involved in the solution. The alarm clock is ringing... it's time to wake up!